Saturday, 5 January 2008


It is Epiphany in the Duchy of Tradgardland. In homes (and in the life sized cribs found on street corners and in the cathedral ) the figures of the Magi are added to the the cribs. On the streets the boy star singers sing carols to raise money for those in need. Around the towns and villages they go, through the snowy streets, their songs floating through the night air and mingling with the snowflakes as they fall.

Families gather to eat together and to follow the story of the journey of the Three Kings. The Duke and Duchess eat amidst the colour and bussel of the court. Star Singers are ushered into the banqueting hall which falls silent as the boys begin to sing. It is a special night for all. The traditional greeting May the wisdom ,joy and steadfastness of the Kings be with you and your Household! is exchanged everywhere. It is the Ducal greeting to you readers everywhere too!