Wednesday 12 March 2008


Minutes of the Inner Council which met at the Seventh Seal upon the 11th Day of March 1758

In attendance: Their Graces The Duke and Duchess of Tradgardland , Duc de Padirac, the Herren of …… and…….., The Archbishop of Tradgardland , Representatives of the Ducal Guilds, President of the Ducal Society and Major Mackay for the Army and Navy.

The meeting commenced with prayer and afterwards pipe weed and ale was made available to one and all.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed upon by a show of hands.

The meeting continued with the Duke‘s account of the grave situation prevailing within the Shetland Isles. An account written by Alisona, the Duke’s daughter, was read to the company who listened in silence. Major Mackay confirmed that the situation had led to much dissolution within the Army as well as issues of regimental pride, integrity and future usage. Greater details will be presented at the next council meeting

Petitions were heard regarding the forthcoming sowing of seeds and the land dispute which rumbled ever onwards. The ensuing discussion came no nearer to a solution.
The meeting ended due to the Storm that had gripped the Duchy and the necessity of exiting the stricken Inn


  1. Is a certain Max Sydow the owner of the Seventh Seal?

  2. How did you know? Pop round any time for a game of chess......