Thursday, 6 March 2008

Some thoughts......

Today I have reached my 48th year. It is World Book Day and I have spent the day enthusing my class with regard to reading. I have tried to convey the joy that books have brought me over the years and continue to bring. My wife ,amongst super gifts , has given me the Cambridge history of medicine. My daughters made superb cards and gifts bought and made. I am truely fortunate. I have sent off ( thru Amazon as ever!) for David Jones's Anathemata and Anne Rice's new novel about Christ- the first was superb and well worth a read!

I am fortunate with good friends, fab family and home and a community of worth and importance in this band of 18th century brothers - EvE ! So thank you one and all for adding another dimension to the hobby for me. My painting schedules may flag (and often do) but your blogs continue to be inventive and excellent fun!

I had a superb week at the museum , being able to help produce some useful activities and material for secondary and primary pupils. Highlights included getting to handle medieval books, meeting top surgeons and being involved in a very worthwhile project.

The paintings of the wounded of Waterloo along with some amputated limbs replete with musket balls made me ponder upon the suffering of conflicts and the sacrifice of those who Serve. My mind came back to the fact that we who enjoy the world of little wars , know by our reading the cost of those who follow the flag. It is something we forget at our peril....

p.s photograph is five years old now - I can't believe it!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, and best wishes from your friends in Hesse-Engelburg!

  2. Happy birthday Alan,
    Kindest Regards,

  3. Happy birthday, young man! :-)

  4. Furst Bruno von Ursa, prince of Saxe-Bearstein sends his best wishes to you and your lovely family on the anniversary of your birth.

    Happy Birthday, sir! Your many interwoven storylines constantly entertain all of us.

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein