Monday, 10 March 2008


The recent storms over Tradgardland brought some late snow to the Ducal orchards. The Duke and Duchess walk through the trees sensing their promise for the year ahead. The Duke thinks of the Council meeting scheduled for later this week and the Duchess thinks of her role as mother to Alisona. How will suitors be sought and intentions scrutinised ? The trees speak of their blossoming and that of the Duchy too....


The day following my own birthday was that of my wife.On Saturday, as a joint present to us both , my brother -in -law gave to us ( and skilfully planted with great expertise) three bare root apple trees . The are about 5 foot tall and look wonderful in our front garden.They are the first fruit trees we have planted. We all were out helping in the pouring rain and enjoyed every minute of the experience- even though we were soaked to the skin! I gain already great pleasure just looking out at them from the window. They may produce fruit this year.


  1. Now I've never had any fruit trees . . . but I've had friends who have and they've complained that the birds eat all of the fruit.

    Some of my cousins live on a farm and they have some pear trees in their front yard. They tie strips of shiny twisted metal various places on their trees so that the wind will make them twist and scare the birds away.

    I can't guarantee that this will work, but it is worth a try when the fruit starts to appear.

    -- Jeff

    PS, most happy birthday wishes to both of you!

  2. May the fruit they bear taste all the sweeter for the sake of the giver!