Friday 7 March 2008

Star gazing...

It is late in the evening of the day after the return of Alisona. The black, diamond encrusted , velvet cope of the sky extends across the Duchy. Karl Frederick and his daughter Alisona pour over the star charts laid out upon the observatory table. Liv has long made her excuses and retired for the night. The remaining pair talk long into the night. Alisona talks of the discord upon Shetland, of the ensuing carnage and the vessels that appeared off the coast there. She has recovered well from her ordeal ,making light of those matters which would normally vex others.

Karl Frederick listens to his daughter with care and attention. Conversations roam across the heavens and back to the earth. It is clear Alisona feels isolated and alone . She expresses a desire that she will not always stay alone - that she is open to suitors and wishes her father to guide her in this delicate matter. The moment passes and father and daughter once more gaze upon the handiwork of God displayed for all to see.

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