Monday, 3 March 2008

A visitor

A visitor comes into the knot garden and sneaks up upon the Duchess. His presence is announced by a particular aroma and a rather unpleasant one at that.

He is none other than the newly arrived contender to the position of Ducal Surgeon from France . Although he only been in the Duchy a few days he has already caused alarm . There are few people Liv takes a dislike to but he has become one very quickly. The Duchess makes an excuse and exits speedily for her parlour.


  1. Does he smells frogs pound, or eucalyptus? Garlic, maybe?

  2. I suspect that I'd avoid him too.

    -- Jeff

  3. That might be Dr. Empiricus, or perhaps Dr. pseudo-Paracelsus. Either way, Liv should try to keep an open mind about him, though he could be a quack. That strange odour could be from the residual substances left by a relentless search for the "archenum", an obsession not uncommon for unemployed doctors of his sort.