Sunday, 1 March 2009

H G Wells

Well these rules arrived from America yesterday where they have been just published. The design quality is high and the contents excellent. They take the HG Wells style of wargaming and expand it ( and in my humble opinion enhance it) for today's wargamers.There is talk of a centenary competition for 2013 too. The rules are written slightly tongue in cheek and are great fun. I devoured them yesterday on a grey,dreich Scottish afternoon. I am raising Army Red/White. Anyone for some nostalgia...
Get acopy you won't regret it !


  1. Alan
    Looks interesting. Could you give a quick breakdown on unit sizes etc along with a couple of suggestions for manufacturers.

  2. Steve
    here is link to the rules:
    The inf are in batts of 10 to 20 figs,cav in 8 to 12.designed to really work with 54mm soldiers ( a la H G wells) in the garden!Floor would work too. Some folk use plastic conversions. For great toy soldier style figs ( a la Britains) try Dorset Soldiers. Plastci options are Armies in Plastic..
    Please ask if I can help with advice .Finally there is a yahoo group funnylittlewars.cheers