Sunday, 8 March 2009

After the battle...

The recent expedition into Saschen-Vindow has ended in disaster. The troops have returned across the Border in dribs and drabs- demoralised and defeated! They ,however ,were not accompanied by their officers and the men cannot vouch for even their officer's survival after the battle.
The fate of Duda and von Trimbach remains of grave concern to all- one is being escorted ,as a prisoner, back to an unknown fate at the castle of Duke Peter. The other has encountered a hussar patrol deep in unknown territory and is about to fight for his life...


  1. Well, unfortunate indeed!
    Drum Major Bond Scott will need to break out the black crepe for the drums it would seem,..

  2. Well, that did not go very well for Tradgardland, did it?

  3. Just when you thought you'd had a bad day, you hear something like this and think 'actually, it could be worse!'

  4. BTW, has the Drum Major arrived?
    He gets sea-sick often, so we in the HMKoNW are keen to hear if he arrived safely,...