Monday, 16 March 2009


The Duchy is trying to distract herself from the worrying situations across the border. The wounded are being cared for as best they can and families seek entertainment wherever it may be found.
Popular this Spring has been a puppet show based upon the English Dramatist's little known work " Two Gentlemen of Stagonia."
This amuses children and adults alike with it's complicated mix of slapstick and sonnet. The puppet meister hopes to take his show to Stagonia ,where he has been told that a warm welcome awaits from the new King...
So light the candles, draw up the chairs, suspend disbelief and wait for the tiny curtain to rise...


  1. A warm welcome in Stagonia?!? Maybe if you count being burned at the stake!


  2. Don't go to Stagonia,
    Ludwig uses oil in more than his erotic adventures!!!