Saturday, 19 September 2009

In Edinburgh...

Coming home from my ADHD course in Edinburgh I stopped off at the Games workshop shop. I haven't played wab for countless years yet I still like to pop in now and then and see what is happening.
I loved and still remain a fan of the Warhammer Empire army - a fantasy Holy Roman Empire ( which is certainly not holy roman or an they say)which has some interesting background and truly beautiful figures - many which have non fantasy usage. I came away from the shop with the June "White Dwarf" - Empire special of course and the nifty bases pictured above. The wee bases are 25mm, the bigger 40mm and 1 is 60mm. The other 5 bases ( called biker bases I believe ) will be utilised as cavalry one.31 in all for a fiver - not bad I feel. I also left the shop enthused to paint by the wonderful figures on display- whatever your vies are re fantasy the figures look great...
Have a good weekend one and all! P.S I am rather tempted by the plastic units packs of Empire Infantry- i am sure I would find a use...


  1. I've got a mostly-painted WH Empire myself (painted in Saxe-Bearstein reds-and-yellows) . . . and like you I like it (more than I like WH Fantasy). As you say there are a lot of neat figures.

    -- Jeff

  2. I've got a mad Empire Army. Played 3 games with it. I keep telling people about GW bases too - I use them for lots of things. Just seems there are some incredible bigotted anti-fantasy/GW concepts. Hilarious when you think "Imagi-Nations".....


  3. I have quite a few GW fantasy minis myself (as posted on my "Tales of Mirth" blog). I never got into the WH Empire figures, but it's all a matter of taste. I still paint the occasional fantasy mini.

  4. I thought the Empire was fantastic too - perfect Italian Wars stuff, or any generic Hapsburg/Valois struggle.