Tuesday 29 September 2009

Kaptain Heider

With a look of immense relief upon his face Freikorp Kaptain Heider began to roll up the yellow flag with the black pelican upon it.
It had been a most successful evening - thirty men signed up and all looked like they could handle themselves both on and off the field of Mars.

Kaptain Heider settled into the corner of his chair near the roaring fire,the flag having been placed in the sack under the table , and took out a couple of books from his worn and battered satchel. He opened the copy of Aquinas's Summa Theologica and became immersed in another world...
His thoughts drifted back to the village school he had taught in before he answered the misguided call of adventure. He had been shocked to meet one of his former pupils tonight who had offered his services as a doctor for the company.
A knock at the door brought him back to reality. His face returned to the familiar gruff mask of daily life as he acknowledged his supper with a grunt. Now back to St Thomas and the long hours to read in before the morning brought the problems of another day...


  1. A complex character... Without "the misguided call of adventure", life would be less exciting -well, at least for the onlookers.

  2. I envision Kaptain Heider being similar to Oliver Reed's portrayal of Cap'n Billy Bones in the Charlton Heston version of Treasure Island. "Rum Jim-lad! Rum till I float!"

    It will be interesting to see how the story develops.

  3. Good luck with these ruffians! Your Kaptain seems up to the job however.

    The King is eager to cement friendly relations between Tradgardland and Syldavia. He has instructed me to inform that the Duke Karl Frederick and the Countess Liv have been invested into the Order of the Black Pelican in honour of the friendship between our peoples. This decoration can be viewed at the Syldavian blog.

    He has also appointed an ambassador to represent him at your court. The Ambassador, Baron Constantin Gruba, will depart for Tradgardland forthwith.