Monday, 21 September 2009


Monday once more.. Off today for Monday hol. @ doctors re ankle ( no joy 2 courses of antibiotics and 2 x rays later) still doesnt know what it is or really what to suggest except blood test and physio...
Busy but satisfying weekend of reinstating ,assembly Ikea furniture and the like. Still time to base some figs tho.
Am flocking syw figs today configured in units of around 32 or so inf. It is the "Militia" organisation in Peter Young's Charge Rules circa 1967 . I am increasingly drawn to these rules and the simplicity/fun they point to. Will try solo game soon I fear... off to read Sidebottom and drink coffee to warm up as the central heating is off at present- hopefully reinstated soonish. By the way picture is by Caspar David Friedrich- one of my favourite artists and painter of atmospheric,wondrous pictures .Hope you like it and are inspired to seek out more of his work. Jolly useful to illustrate 18th century blogs too...


  1. I hope your ankle feels better soon without too much recourse to meds. Thanks for posting the painting by Caspar David Friedrich. You're right, it's very evocative and atmospheric.

  2. I recently had an ankle that became too sore to even stand on . . . without any obvious trauma having occurred.

    It turned out that it was gout! I'd had gout in me big toes before, but actually gout can occur in any joint.

    Anyway once they knew what it was, I was back on my feet in a few days with a course of colchicine.

    Now I've no idea what's wrong with your ankle . . . but if you don't have any idea what you've done with it, gout might be a possibility (and oh so eighteenth century too). They should be able to tell with a blood test, I'd imagine.

    -- Jeff