Friday, 4 September 2009

New recruits...

The cheerful and saintly Prince Bishop of Weltschmerz-Hammerklavier has offered to raise a regiment for the Ducal Army from within his Bishopric.
Weltschmerz-Hammerklavier lies within a forested valley within the Duchy of Tradgardland and is an independent ,if minuscule, town proud of it’s ancient traditions . Traditionally remaining aloof from the life of Tradgardland it has been a Europa-wide exporter of carved Nativity scenes for more years than anyone can remember.
Pictured here is the new flag( emblazoned with the arms of the Prince-Bishop) embroidered by the townswoman with care skill and love…
As I have quite a few unpainted figures, which I have found lately , I am going to paint up this unit for the autumn /winter campaign alluded to of late in this blog. I hope to paint a standardbearer (complete with flag) and officer this weekend - work and weather permitting.


  1. That's a nice colorful flag. I'll be interested to see what the Bishop's new unit looks like. (hint,pictures, hint) ;-)

  2. Camera still kaput but fingers crossed..

  3. Towns-woman?
    Interesting culture, perhaps it's just a monastery??