Monday 28 September 2009

At the sign of the Black Pelican

Taking one wrong turn in the back streets of Tradgardstadt was unfortunate, taking more than one was utter folly...

Those who did so would find themselves in a decaying slum within a slum. They would be lucky to get out alive -obviously without any valuables they possessed!

Towering over all else in the Syldavian quarter was a large inn namely "The Black Pelican." It formed the social,political,religious and cultural heart ( a black one of course) for the community of Syldavian exiles which sought to make a living within the Duchy of Tradgardland.

The inn was large and looked as if it had grown from the putrid earth itself rather than being built by human hands. The sense of something organic was almost tangible . Within, all was stained black by the smoke from the roaring fires and the never extinguished pipes of those who frequented the place. No dog passing the kitchen yard was safe and the yelps of the unwary could be heard frequently by passers by.

Tonight the inn was busier than ever for a Freikorp Kaptain was recruiting - no questions asked, no soul too warped and no rest for the wicked!


  1. This den of iniquity sounds like a real adventure in the works, quite exciting! This will no doubt lead to the recruiting of a legion of dastardly malcontents. I am eager to see where you take it.


  2. Your post puts me in mind of a line from Shakespeare's MacBeth . . .

    "Something wicked this way comes."

    -- Jeff

  3. Hmnn, I wonder if he'll be recruiting staff and ... ah ... service personnel from the inn itself. I suspect that a good skim off their take when the unit joins the army would materially assist the captain in maintaining his ...ah ... force.

  4. The Balkans.. for centuries the disputed demarcation line between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, between Christians and Musilms. Religious wars are specially cruel: mentalies there are moulded by centuries of hatred. The tradition of collecting enemies' eyes by the bucket will still be honored there in two hundred years.
    Now, A Freikorp of *scums / rejects* from that area: I pity in advance the civilian populations...