Sunday 21 March 2010

10-18 july 1762 Reitzenstein's raid into Bohemia

Well I have had time to digest Duffy's book,or at least some of it. Let me tell you (although I guess many of you will already know) that it is crammed with incident detail and just the sort of period flavour we chaps like! It has inspired me to have a go at doing some opposition troops to my Austrians - namely some Prussians and cossacks and maybe other Russians...

We are talking about that small segment of the syw when the Pussians and Russians were chums! I was attracted at the idea of cossacks demanding money with menaces,the citizens of Prague barricading the gates and hauling cannon onto the ramparts! All in all a small project with lots of local colour and some interesting "what ifs..."

Last Monday saw my first wargame of the year- Civilis revolt of the ad60's which pitched Germanic tribesmen and Roman Auxilia turned native against the might of Rome! Needless to say I (the Romans) succumbed to the enemy and were driven off the table. Please excuse the rather blurry photos posted to give some flavour!

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