Sunday 7 March 2010


The birthday weekend continued with Jan's birthday today- albeit less than my half century.
The girls made another excellent meal and we had a super day again...
I have posted photos of the cake they made us for our birthdays. Below are the "guest figures" sent by fellow bloggers to serve in the Duke of Tradgardland's bodyguard. It is hoped that they will serve well again in the forthcoming campaign season...
The two figures photographed by the wicker basket were painted and scuplted by that talented fellow who hails from Luteland...
I have around 50 of his superb figures awaiting painting and hope to paint them soon. Anyway back to work tomorrow- it has been a good two days...


  1. Celebrating your birthday with a bonfire, eh? ;-)
    (just kidding, young man!)

    Those Lutelander figures are very cool! Nice toy soldierly. :)

  2. Reich Duke Wilhelm is pleased to see that Captain Ludwig von Alesmister, late of the Kronenberg Cuirassiers, arrived safely. I really like your double kettle drummer, now there's a true inspiration. Many happy returns on your joint birthdays....

  3. I've got some ten battalions of John's Lutelande figures myself . . . one battalion of which is already primed and on painting sticks . . . but sadly they are destined to be dragooned into the army of vile Stagonia . . . so sad.

    -- Jeff

  4. Nice to see the volunteer adventurers arrived safely

    -- Allan