Thursday, 4 March 2010

Plans afoot...

Those familiar with the Duchy of Tradgardland will no doubt be familiar with the way that its borders are ones which define space and time - a conceit upon my part to create a variety of " bit part" countries to battle upon the tabletop . Need one mention Skogsmork,Saschen-Vindow et al...
The imagination of a Very British Civil War ( alternative 1938 for those in not in the know yet) has enthused me to paint and create flags/background there. I wish also to capture some of that enthusiasm and take it into the 18th Century.

Perhaps I am wrong ,perhaps in reality these are merely countries which have not been focused upon and which will fall under the spotlight in years to come once more. Whatever the truth is I am resolved to create yet another enemy for Duke Frederick and the Ducal army. I have the urge to create more characters ( Tony Bath's table for resolving such issues awaits on the book shelf) to design more flags and have figures awaiting painting. My excitement is mounting and ideas are beginning to form. You,dear reader, will be the first to hear of plans afoot...


  1. If the plans for the Tragardland enemies are on your foot, I'd guess that they'd smell??
    BTW, don't forget that there were a lot of quite real civil wars going on between the two WW's. ...
    Ireland, Spain, Russia, etc. etc. so I figure there's a slew of scenarios which can be transplanted to old Blighty!

  2. Great to see you back with enthusiasm to the tricorn era!
    But please, even if Saschen-Vindow is no longer 'active', don't close the blog: posts there are still of interest for other people, newcomers and veterans alike.