Sunday, 14 March 2010

The weekend...

This weekend has seen excellent weather,good food and the garden beginning to be shaken from its winter slumber...

On the hobby front Duffy's newish book looks great and arrived today at 8.30 a.m as we were about to go to church. The book is beautifully produced and looks as if it contains some fascinating battles that are new to me. I could not resist posting some of my Austrian cavalry here too ,having beeen inspired by the cover.

On the painting front I managed a 1938 league of Andrew standard bearer from the Boarhills L.D.V - made up of agricultural workers including this splendid fellow who sports a rather antiquated steel helmet!

Today we had confirmation of our Summer hols booking - a cottage South of York which looks beautiful. Very near to Towton - aprox eight miles. I can't wait for the summer!


  1. Nice figure. I like the banner. :)

  2. Alan
    Bring some figures down on your holidays and we can get a game organised ;-)

  3. I like you standard bearer with his shiny helmet.

    Towton near Tadcaster.I think the local there is the Rockingham Arms?