Saturday, 6 March 2010

50 not out...

Well my 50th has arrived....
Celebrations began with a meal at my mother's yesterday with the family.On my return,through the letterbox, were Crusader's new rules "Rate of Fire" and some of those exquisite figures made by Musketeer Miniatures. Rules look interesting and vbcw figures are detailed almost beyond belief.

Jan and the girls gave me this magnificant Writing box/slope circa 1790. It is of the type that was used for travelling and military purposes. I am delighted with it and can only imagine what letters,despatches and much,much more it has seen written upon it's surface. The box features a drawer at the side fixed with a brass pin and a well for pens and ink. It is the sort of accessory which inspires writing and lifts the process to another level.

My school colleagues gave me a sugar paste figure( made by Arlene our Office Manager) depicting me in my role as Eco coordinator surrounded by good terrain. It was accompanied by some fine ales such as Hobgoblin.

Claire,our friend , gave me this super mixed media picture framed in lime washed wood. It has a place upon our walls already. If you wish to see more of her amazing artwork she has the following website-
Do drop by and see for yourself...

Jan and I had coffee up town, a look around the shops and a most pleasant time together. This was preceded by the removal of my Winter Beard by a most skillful Turkish barber. It has indeed been a super birthday so far!


  1. Happy birthday Alan. The writing box is a fine present indeed. Does it have a secret drawer or compartment in it as well? I suppose that the modern day equivalent of the writing box is the laptop computer.



  2. Jim
    I am already considering spending my birthday money - what is vol 2 of Duffy's book on the Austrians in the syw like?

  3. Happy birthday Alan!

    (Merry youngster!)

    (sson to turn 66...)

  4. Happy Birthday Alan! Sounds like you've had a lovely couple of days, and the campaign writing box is a stunning piece. Enjoy it!

    Best Regards,


  5. Happy 50th Allen, as a remember it 50 was a very good year indeed! I hope yours will be twice as good as mine...

  6. Many Happy Returns of the Day! May your writing box inspire you to great things.

  7. Happy Birthday, Tradgardmastre!
    I vaguely remember my 50th birthday (not all that long ago! ha ha). Actually, mine passed pretty quietly.
    Nice gifts! The writing box is especially cool.

  8. I wish you a most joyous Birthday and that your next 50 years be even happier.

    -- Jeff

  9. Volume 2 of the Duffy book on Austrian army is much better because it covers all of the battles, including many small engagements that we in the English speaking world did not know about before. Many of these would make good wargame scenarios. Highly recommended.