Wednesday, 5 January 2011

So what is needed...

There can often be a thin line between what one of our armies need and what we would like for it. Ok, I grant you, given infinite time,energy,space and a vast war chest we would all have vast forces for all periods of interest...
However reality often intervenes in myriad forms and lets us realise that really there is perhaps a balance we can strike between the needs of our gaming project and our wants for it. It is such an issue I have been wrestling with for my Ottomans. I have been doing my homework/research on the internet and books here,I have been looking at the uni online catalogue- I am glad I took up the cheapish offer of life membership of the library when I graduated! I now have a idea of where I am going with thing a little.
I want initially to get,paint and field some units to keep the enthusiasm and momentum of the project- let's face it we all know the way to Lead Mountain is paved with good hobby intentions.
So here goes:
1. Command figures/local colour- odds and ends to give some atmosphere to games
2. Light infantry - clouds of skirmishing Balkan chaps with rifles/muskets to oppose those plucky grenzers. I have ten on the painting bench and thirty on order from Old Glory UK
3. "Line" inf- a unit of Janissaries whch act as a formed inf unit
4. Artillery - exotica in the form of "unreformed" slightly antiquated eastern artillery and bullocks to pull
5. Light Cav- again clouds of lite cav of all sorts. I have some Balkan chaps being tweaked at present and ten in number
6. Heavy/Med cav spahi with pistols and diverse weaponary a couple of units
So there we are- if I have forgotten anything do please let me know- we are always grateful for advice here in Tradgardland!
On a family note the girls return to school on Thursday, Jan has a pre chemo blood test today and hopefully the final chemo on Friday. I return to work on Monday myself...
Today the Royal Mail returns to normal service- hopefully there will be my wargamers Annual, Anna's calendar,Zoe's Higher Study notes and perhaps some of these missing Christmas cards! The rain has finally put pay to almost all the snow and it is good to see the garden once more without her white blanket. I sent off for vegetable seeds on the 30th and look forward to their arrival soon too. We hope to grow even more veg this year and be even better organised in terms of sowing etc. What ever you are doing I hope you enjoy the last "official" day of Christmas.
P.S If you have not voted in my poll please do so soon ,only two days left- it is always good to have your responses


  1. For the horse, you may think about having turkic and balkan styles for a bit of difference.

    I do like the Old Glory Nizam i Cedit figures, relevant for early 1800's but nice figs for line infantry for far longer period IMO

  2. It's a good project. The Ottoman Empire had such a wide variety of troop types, and remained virtually the same with only minor modifications for a long time. The number and variety of enemies the Empire faced too allows a lot of versatility.