Sunday, 16 January 2011


The snow has finally gone and we are not met by ice fields as we travel around on foot. The post is still very odd/delayed and we await many things including a calendar my daughter ordered from Amazon on Boxing Day...

My Ottoman plans have ground to a halt as the figures are still "lost " in the postal service at present. A VBCW stuff moves forward in terms of a paper house built and some work done on figures and scenery alike. The enclosed piccie is of the aforementioned house supporting a propaganda poster designed by Pete Barfield whose blog I linked to on my vbcw post of some days ago. It is of the faction I favour in vbcw and looks great- thanks Pete! By the way, the medieval looking figure for 1938 is an attempt to represent symbolically on the tabletop the non democratic/feudal /conservative/medieval celebrating nature of English Mistery/Array. It says something about their politics rather than a desire for fancy dress!

I am reading some stuff I was sent from Slydavia on Native American folklore plus an excellent book by John Demos " The unredeemed captive" to feed into Ny Tradgardland this year...

Life is a mix ( at home and work) of brief bursts of creative energy and then feeling exhausted most of the time. It can be a tad tiring. I look forward to laying out a solo game but cannot face the setting up playing and then putting away - maybe at half term in Feb perhaps?
The Wargamer's Annual is providing a much needed light reading diversion accompanied by pouring over photos and text in the excellent "Battle Practical Wargaming"- I have even sourced Bellonaesque scenery and am looking for minitanks.


  1. Alan,

    John Demos' book is very interesting if tragic. It could easily inspire scenario or two.