Friday 18 February 2011

Cakes,Coffee etc

Today ,being half term for us all, we went into to Edinburgh to celebrate my daughter Zoe's birthday ( belatedly from Candlemas) by having a wander about and coffee and cakes at the fantastic German baker/cafe/cake maker Falko in Bruntsfield. I recommend it to you all - they have a shop in East Lothian too. Fabulous cakes and coffee and a lovely atmosphere- go on you deserve a treat!

Earlier in the week Jan and I walked around Linlithgow loch ( I'd forgotten about the cranogg islands) as well as a nostalgic drive in the lands between there and Edinbugh- my old stomping ground. Many ideas for a small unit campaign of VBCW formed in my mind as a result- not to mention pouring over 6inch to the mile maps online courtesy of the National Library of Scotland...
My Impetvs chaps are proceeding well with Pathians and the aforementioned Scandinavians moving forward. Perhaps this weekend I will set up some 18th century game if the weather precludes outdoor activities in the garden or further afield. Anyway what ever you are doing this weekend I hope you enjoy it!