Saturday 5 February 2011

Syldavia Calling....

"This is Syldavia calling.... Units of the Syldavian army have made for the Border with Borduria following the invasion of yesterday. Among them are the Guard Armoured Regiment and elements of other infantry and mobile units. Bordurian armoured colums have been sighted along the main roads and motorised infantry have already passed through villages on the way to the Capital. All eyes of the world are on us and aid from our allies is sought. Slydavia awaits..."
Last Sunday,prior to going to a family gathering, a large parcel arrived from James of OSW.Due to tiredness and mountains of paperwork it was only unpacked(with relish I might add) this morning .Joy after joy emerged from paper and packaging.It contained further help towards the current Grant inspired project. Once more a big thank you ,once again,to James for his kindness and enthusiasm for the task ahead here ...


  1. What a wonderful gift!

    I still love the old ROCO vehicles, and wish that I had bought more of them ... and kept them ... when I was young and foolish ... and had the money!

    Good luck with your project.

    All the best,


  2. Brilliant Alan,

    I wonder if Borduria responds with PRof. Calculus' secret sound wave weapon...