Thursday 24 February 2011

The road less travelled in Charge- Militia

I had to go home via the doctor's today having spent ages on the phone a.m trying (eventually successfully) to get through for an appointment. I have had probs in the past with celulitus and felt my leg going down that road again. Thankfully I was given good advice and medication and all should be well soonish....

Last night I was reading Peter Young's tome and thought that I had never seen his Militia organisation in photos/on the wargames table. I had hoped to remedy this tonight but a lack of batteries for cameras and this dashed leg has stopped this happening here in the Duchy. I did however wonder if I had just not looked carefully enough on blogs and in the book but I think I am right. I also wondered why this was. Perhaps the Militia organisation is deemed "too small" by Charge aficionados! I look forward to laying the figures out at the weekend and hopefully capturing that photo. I would be delighted to hear from you if you have thoughts upon the matter or have used Charge Militia yourself. Roll on the weekend -too much death by paperwork and change for change sake!
p.s could resist this cartoon even if medically incorrect...


  1. Back when first playing Charge, back around 1969/70 (with plasticene figures), I experimented heavily with militia, and overall they were quite disappointing in performance - the only real use I got out of them was as campaign garrisons to act as tripwires: otherwise they tended to just be cavalierly ridden over in very short order.

  2. Since I am currently suffering from gout flareup, your cartoon seems most appropriate to me.

    -- Jeff

  3. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell. I hope that the treatment gets you back on your feet as soon as possible!

    I liked Militia in CHARGE! ... mainly because I did not have enough figures to create units that were large enough to be anything else. They died heroically every time they saw action.

    All the best,


  4. The characters from "Dad's Army" had nothing on my Charge Militia unit, "The Mandatory Volunteers"!

  5. I find that with 36-figure units, one does acquire figures in smaller numbers that prove ideal for something smaller. At that, in the recent action in Ulrichstein, the Rebels were in effect militia, the result admittedly something of a foregone conclusion (played as Game #1 in C.S. Grant's 'Programmed Scenarios'. Owing to unforeseen events, it seems that the Rebels will be assembling a larger army to resist Glockenspiel's advance to Zerbst...

  6. I raised some militia for the Raid on St, Michel yesterday. They don't show up well in any of the battle pictures as they mostly hid in houses. They did manage to do themselves credit in that role however.