Monday 7 February 2011

Matters of Natural Philosophy

“And so your Grace, fellow members of the Ducal Society and honoured guests I hope I have proved to you that there lies not a shadow of a doubt that there, housed within menagerie of Moribund the Burgomeister in the town of Altdorf within the Undisputed valley lies treasure of incalculable wealth in matters Natural and Philosophical. Nothing less than the last breeding pair alive of what our Dutch friends call the dodaerse as found in Captain Willem van Westsanen's journal of 1602 which lies open upon this very table!” exclaimed Dr von Halstadtt to a hushed gathering within Tradgardstadt. No sooner than his last word was uttered uproar ensued with the room dissolving into chaos as members disputed the truth or falsehood of his claims long into the night…
The following day Duke Karl Frederick called his councillors together and sought their opinions upon the controversy of last night’s meeting .The earnest and grave men were divided as to the trustworthiness of Dr Halstadtt and revelations. However after much thought the Duke, as befits a natural philosopher of the first order, decreed an expedition should be mounted as soon as the current storms had abated and the season moved further towards Spring herself. He dictated some letters to be sent immediately to the Ducal Society and to the commanders of diverse militia regiments…


  1. As a (retired) biologist I can only applaud! A very laudable (and original) excuse for an oversea mini-campaign.