Saturday 12 February 2011

Old School and Off School

Half term has arrived with the promise of nine days away from jargon, paperwork and educational Newspeak. I am tired and need to catch up on sleep and r&r. It is Saturday morning and I am up earlier than I wished to be. Hopefully tomorrow I will be deeper into the break and sleep better tonight.

Last Sunday I broke forth the cereal packet and cut myself a cardboard river. I am trying to save money and do the enjoyable thing of hobby diy. Also included is an intact/ruined bridge that came from James. My memories of the big Bellona battle diorama sets have returned. I gamed enthusiastically over a ruined town one and a harbour one many,many moons ago.They were about 2 feet square if my memory serves me right and just right for ww2 in airfix 20mm.

Time etc permitting a couple of solo games are planned here- probably 18th Century and possibly ww2ish. I hope to get making some "Grantian" measuring sticks ,protractors etc over the weekend. Have a good one one and all!


  1. When I wargamed rivers were one of the things that caused me some "mental pain"...wether they should be raised up ie; with banks etc or just flat, not sunk into the table. I think your way of doing it is fine

  2. Have a grand nine days, sir.

    -- Jeff

  3. You lucky b*****d! My half-term is not for another week!

    Seriously, the rivers look great ... and I am now of an age when cheap is good (unless, of course, the expensive is really so much better!).

    Those Bellona sets were so easy to use. A quick coat of paint (if you could be bothered), and off you went. I never owned any of the really large pieces (the one I remember that I always wanted to own was called 'The Redan', and was a 19th century fortification) but had some of their bridges, stone walls, tents, sandbagged emplacements etc.

    The good old days ... when you could buy a couple of Airfix Shermans on Friday night on the way home from school, and have them on your tabletop battlefield (or bedroom floor) by Saturday morning!

    good luck with your project ... and enjoy your rest.

    All the best,

    An envious Bob

  4. Alan,
    just of topic here.
    I've answered your mail, but I'm not sure you've received that reply. Please could you check you're return address.


  5. Capital stuff. The test of course will be how soon we see them on the field of battle.