Sunday 5 February 2012

Battle of Wargwald 1

The resulting battle from yesterday's Syldavian/Bordurian scene setting was fought this morning and I am uploading the first of the  images here. Rules were based upon Fitzbadger's "We don't need no stinkin rules" concept- in other words simple ,held in the head (based upon years of experience and many different rules sets) and not upon paper and most importantly fun! A small game on a small surface but great fun.Please click on the photos to enlarge...


  1. Interesting looking battle , I await further developments with interest !.

  2. Lovely figures Alan, what scale and make please??

    Bordurian hopes are high!

  3. Promising, looking eagerly forward to enjoy the full battle report!

    Glad to discover (most of) the Bordurians.
    I noticed that, on not enlarged photos, the 'Janissaries' look like... Smurfs :) You really should give their commanding officer a red hat!

  4. Jean -Louis not sure about the smurf comment?
    Syldavians are mainly RSM(?) on loan from Jimho assisted by Front rank LI/LC
    Bordurians are Dixon janiassaries,Front Rank/Dixon for Cav and Front Rank for LI.
    All are 28mm figures.

  5. Hurrah and splendid! I'm eager to see and read about the outcome of the confrontation. Your Bordurians are a menacing-looking lot...


  6. Very nice little setup!
    (I have been playing around a bit since that post with various rules sets, but for a quick fun game the "no stinkin' rules" idea still works nicely, doesn't it? Especially for a bit of solo action, to get the miniatures and terrain out, advance a "story line", and simply have some fun.)
    I'll look forward to further developments.

  7. Not deprecating at all!
    I was probably influence by this recent TMP thread -and the 'illusory likeness' disappears on enlarged photos.
    Then, as a 'private joke', I keep the suggestion of a red hat for the officer :)