Wednesday 15 February 2012

A quiet day in the Duchy and a challenge...

I have had a quiet day today doing very little, mainly in bed. I have enjoyed the cricket on Radio 4 LW with the ever engaging chat that is such a joy to listen to. I also indulged  myself by watching series one of "By the sword divded" that BBC classic tale of the ecw.I also  have the second series on loan awaiting me tomorrow...
A final thought how many films can you name either set in the English Civil War or Thirty Years War.
Here is a starter- "Cromwell" "The Last Valley"- now over to you


  1. I hope resting at home means you're on the road to recovery.

    And good viewing, though it's a long time since I last saw the films.

    How about, Captain Alatriste the Spanish musketeer. The final battle scene is Rocroi.

  2. Tut could be painting :)

    Speedy recovery.

  3. How about Witchfinder General and the dreadful To Kill a King. Hope you enjoyed By the Sword, I thought it was excellent and it played a defining role in my wargaming and re-enactment career.
    all the best

  4. I so like by the sword it is a lovely series and Rockingham is only half an hour from me.

    There is the Devils Whore

  5. I can't remember exactly - but I think "The Blood on Satan's Claw" was set during the Civil War.

  6. Hi Trad,

    I hope you are feeling better and are recovering apace. 'By the Sword...' was an excellent series (two of them as I recall) and I had not realised it was available. Are we talking DVD here?

    The siege of Arnescote Castle (I think it was called that)was cracking entertainment and so if this does not rejuvenate your wellbeing then more viewing and rest will be needed!

    All the best for your continued recovery,


  7. 1612 - nice film with lots of action (Russia V Poles). Not really TYW but in period

    -- Allan

  8. Almost forgot - Cyrano de Bergerac with Gerard Depardieu in the the title role. Terrific movie and Act 4 is set on the seige of Arras.

  9. Get well soon Alan.

    As for films:
    albeit not a film, but a TV series: The Flashing Blade. Go on, hum the theme tune!

    And, not TYW, but for 17C eastern Europe, absolutely unmissable, the Polish film "With Fire and Sword" (and also "The Deluge" and "Colonel Wlodowsky")

    Hope you are up and about again before too long.