Friday, 17 February 2012

Life and love and happiness...

A rousing video for you all! It has a lot to answer for  in terms of  sowing the seeds of my interests to this day.Sit back and enjoy !


  1. Wow, what a flashback. I remember that from its original UK airing, though I was too young to really understand it at the time. I was terribly disappointed that the last time it was shown it had been redubbed into a childish spoof, and it's a shame it's never been released on DVD.

    Thanks for the happy memory.

  2. Ah, how could we forget. The tune is still in me head. :)

    It's available on DVD. See

    And it's only a fiver. (you can also buy Robinson Crusoe, Belle and Sebastian and those weird German thingies Tinderbox and the scary other one.) I must find the box and watch FB again.

    Thanks to Phil and Alan for the prompt.

  3. I thing its called the Ringing Singing Tree, scary as heck. But the flashing blade was class. Now I am off to Amazon.