Friday 3 February 2012

Errands and distractions...

I was in Edinburgh on errands this afternoon. I stopped off at Wonderland (the model shop not where Alice lives) on the way back to the station. I was most taken by the 1/72 and 54mm plastic boxed figures. I had a good rummage around even opening boxes to compare hardness of plastic. I was particularly taken with the variety and choice in 1/72 esp the Streslsi (?) Russian make figures. In 54mm I went in looking for AIP to convert for FLW but nearly came away with HaT celttabrians!!!
In the end I found a sale item I could not resist - ECW muskeeteers for under £4. The Chap in the shop mentioned the company had gone burst and no more would be coming in- helpful I thought. However I am sure there are plenty more options for figures- any suggestions chaps?
Finally got a book for the train- all in all a useful trip to Town.


  1. A good haul, and Tristan Shandy is a jolly read. As far as I am aware A Call to Arms is still plodding on but the production is very erratic so it's a good idea to grab the figures when you see them.

  2. I second that about Call to Arms great figures, when you find them. Also check out the Plastic Model Review it helpful on petty spot on.