Monday 18 November 2013

Monday 2

Both of us home 7pm (Jan's appt started at 9.30 a.m) chemo went well,my class welcoming ,colleagues supportive,increased paperwork oppressive and absent management/H R procedures/meeting insulting and absolutely stinks!
Thanks for all your comments, prayers and positive thoughts-most appreciated by us both!


  1. Tradgardmastare,

    Sounds like there were some positive aspects to the day ... and hopefully they more than outweighed the negative.

    Keep you chin up ... and roll on Friday!

    All the best,


    PS. Thanks for the good advice regarding my cold.

  2. As a survivor of six months of chemotherapy following my cancer, my sympathies and very best wishes go to your wife. You have no idea how ultra fatiguing chemo can be. It doesn't leave you in pain (at least I hope hers doesn't) but it really "drains the tank" so that everything is almost too hard.

    Take very good care of Jan, sir. She will want to "keep up her share" but don't let her. Even tiny little courtesies that can only help minutely really help.

    As for your job, remember that it is really for Jan and your daughters so don't let them get you too down. Keep your spirits positive and you'll soon be past the initial nonsense and doing something constructive.

    -- Jeff

  3. Courage, Alan. A day at a time and you will get there. Me too!

    An aside: I was just to a conference where a colleague from St. Andrew's gave a tremendous presentation about the problem of erosion at all sorts of important (and unknown) coastal archaeological sites in Scotland. The vulnerable star is Skara Brae in Orkney of course but he spent some time talking about two in Fife. St. Andrew's Castle is a gem and somewhat protected. Another was one I didn't know about, the Wemyss Caves, full of Iron Age and Viking carvings. Regrettably, I was once as close as Kirkaldy without having any idea about it! If you haven't seen it up close you might want to do so while you can.

    A couple of related websites you might find of interest:

    All the very best,


  4. ...stiff upper lip... after many years working for two large American Corporations I long ago learnt they don't give a toss about me, and don't appreciate any extra efforts I make (they are taken for granted!) so I now find it safest to assume management/H R procedures/meetings are always going to be sh*t, that way your'e not disappointed when they are! :o)