Saturday, 30 November 2013

New Year's Eve

Sunday sees the start of a new year in the church's calender with the first day of Advent.This seems therefore a good time to take stock on a number of fronts.Firstly thanks to all who helped my daughter with her "White" work- splendid you all are indeed!
My return to work has proceeded well in many ways but has left me exhausted.It is a bit  of a struggle to get through a week but we are getting there.Little time or particularly energy for anything beyond doing my "bit" at home,domestic matters and the odd bit of light reading or television before an early bed. Here however are a few additions to the already overstuffed Tradgardland Library - probable purge is needed of some paperbacks I fear too.
I like to try a little serious reading in Advent (sometimes I succeed sometimes not- fond memories of underlining  passages in a snow stuck train a few years ago...) and found this collection of poems and accompanying meditations in  the Cornerstone Bookshop in Edinburgh a few weeks back.I will try to stick at this one...
An interesting collection of his wartime memories and many inspiring rules. A good buy. I do fancy grafting some fleeing/stampeding elephant rules onto my gridded ancient games or adapt Tony Bath's for grids and elements. The colonial ambush rules look good .I wish I had kept my Peter Laing 15mm WW1 in East Africa armies!!!! Can one buy Laing figures these days?
Finally a fun month by month account of a chap's living of the good life- I would love to follow in his footsteps armed with my copy of Self Sufficiency by Seymour etc.One can dream.
Off to make Jan a cup of tea ,perhaps a little light paint or skirmish later  we shall see...

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling more your old self. A cup of tea works wonders! Don Featherstone's book looks good. I really attribute my interest in Colonial gaming to his works.