Monday, 4 November 2013

Today in Tradgardland

The day began at 6.00am when I got up and looked at the glories of a cloud free night sky through the many windows of the  new kitchen extension.I stood for some time without putting the lights on. Outside Orion's belt blazed oh so bright...
It was a frosty morning and I took this picture of a windfall with the frost still on it-
Jan and I were able to get out into the garden ( under  a brilliant sun) to tidy it up as we move towards winter and I was able to cut the grass for probably the final time this year. Yesterday we planted bulbs,wallflower,garlic and onions.
Later a knock came to the door with a parcel for me-
More about it when I have had a chance to unpack the contents...


  1. Don't you love those packaged surprises? I do even when I know what is in them.

    -- Jeff