Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Unpacked ,sorted(ish) and plans...

Yesterday I mention a parcel which arrived here at the Duchy.It came from Conrad @ Joy and Forgetfulness.Here it is during the sorting process this afternoon - just the sort of exciting job for a dull, dreek day,a little like an exploration into  exciting ,uncharted territory...
First to be looked at was an assortment of  tank parts,bases,88mm guns and diverse interesting building bits.They are most interesting and await rationalization later this week. Next the figures were sorted and de-sprued -
What a collection of goodies-
The Duchy of Volare-Cantare has now got some Bersaglieri and Alpini (with skiers and mules!!!)

There are is opposition for the Duchy of C-V in the form of either a mix of WW1 Austro/Hungarians/Germans or WW2 Germans.I'm inclining to then former but what do you think ?

There are 19th C Besaglieri too with Zouaves and Italian (?) Cavalry to be the start of an 19th century project- Duchy of C-V 150 years or so ago?Maybe using Neil Thomas's book and rules for the 19th Century.

Loads also of  Africa Korps ( still thinking of an idea for them- any thoughts?) and WW2 Airfix Japanese ( maybe convert some to Italian troops ) and some Russians too. Ooophs nearly forgot the German paratroops- probably to be used against my Home Guard chaps/What a haul,what a sort,what inspiration - many thanks Conrad!!


  1. Looking good! And, a doff of the hat to Conrad for such a splendid gesture.

  2. Replies
    1. Or 20mm or whatever you call it these days.
      When I compare these new chaps with my old Airfix Germans I am surprised how much bigger the new ones are (scale creep is that what they call it) and how much more detailed.
      Still have a great affection for the old chaps as depicted in "Battle..."

    2. I'll have a rummage in the 'bits' box for you. I'm sure I have some of these around somewhere.

      Will you be at Targe?

    3. Sadly not this year Jim but thanks for the kind offer.

  3. It seems to be the year of the haul, the time of the trove, the epoch of receiving goodies in the mail, or other source. Thinking of the Afrika Korps figures, they might be built into the Duchy of Cantare-Volare project as a small colony on the north coast of Il Continente Nero (Africa). This colony I imagine of no great size - 10 miles by 10 say (100 sq miles): a city sea-port, with a small hinterland, mostly desert but with a small area of arable close to the port. It does however contain a rich silver mine (or some other valuable and rare resource). Surrounded by hostile suns of the desert egged on by covetous colonial powers (when they are not frankly attacking in their own account), the Duchy is compelled to maintain a sizeable and well equipped military in the Colony. The Japanese can be the Foreign Legions of some of the other local colonial powers - The French (maybe), the Spanish F.L., the Portuguese, the Italian F.L. etc... Or maybe troops of the Settee Empire, still laying claim to North African territories....?

    1. Archduke what great ideas and much to ponder on...
      I feel the call of C-V's place in the sun...
      North African sun to banish the winter blues perhaps.

    2. I have much the same sort of notion with my Latin Wars project - a desert area, slightly removed from the main theatres, where my Afrika Korps and 8th Army dudes can slug it out...