Sunday, 10 November 2013

Setting the bar or the managing of projects in winter quarters.

As I move towards my return to work (probably in a week) I think it is a good time to see what are my hobby priorities as winter looms. As anyone who stops by here knows I am a bit of a butterfly who flits from project to project regularly. That's the way I am - not for me ( at least so far) the discipline of one period one project.I sometimes think to myself if I had what vast armies I could have amassed...Anyhow here is my thoughts on what I want to keep moving forward-

  1. 20mm/1/72 Interwar/WW2 project- the Duchy of Volare-Cantare project.Plastic 20mm figs Minitanks/Airfix battles with "old school" rules. Paint up V-C's forces and their enemies. Possibly a look at V-C's place in the sunne too.Hopefully loads of tankettes with an eclectic mix of tanks and troops.Loads to base and paint.Oh and a few interewar planes maybe...
  2. 25/28mm ancients- smallish games on grids using Ross's Gathering of Hosts rules.Ancient imaginations a la Tony Bath's campaign. Couple of  wee armies to finish &sort out,resist being tempted to get some more...Easy to set up, play solo and put away.Fun imagineering background too.
  3. 54mm Funny Little Wars - take armies White & Red White in to the interwar period by "bolting on" appropriate period transport ,tanks,ac's etc- scratchbuilding/converting toys and a few bits and bobs
  4. Deutsche Homage project- keep moving forward with painting my embryonic collection of figures in the style of Heyde,Spenkuch and the rest... sort thing one might pick up for brief periods of an evening.
  5. Diverse wee game projects for skirmish games such as Songs of Blades & Heroes,Songs of Dust and Shadow etc (might try to link this to skirmish games relating to bullet point two)
  6. Non Solo projects- work relating to games I play re my regular ( or in reality far less regularly than we would like) gaming opponent- paint up some Perry ACW ,1938 etc etc
  7. Finally I must remember not to worry if I have set the bar too high re projects.It may need lowering,or even walking away from at times.The hobby has aided me greatly in these last few months and I am sure,judicially used, it will continue to do so...


  1. Tradgardmastare,

    It sounds as if you have plenty of projects to work on - with something to turn to if your enthusiasm for one wanes (as it inevitably will do from time to time) - and to give you a break from the everyday cares of the world.

    Get well soon ... but don't rush back to work until you are 100% fit and well!

    All the best,


    1. Thanks Bob for your comments and best wishes.It is getting the balance right between the needs of work and my personal needs that is a tad difficult...

  2. Sounds like a pretty good list to me.

    My own experience is that it is the doing and dreaming that gives me the most fun so while not "productive" I get more pleasure out of starting and working on hobby projects than I do from finishing them.

    1. Thanks for the positive comment Ross.The journey is often the most rewarding part I agree. At times I feel a little pressure from the mono-project, painted figure tallying folk's efforts.I need to let this go...realising we are all different.

  3. I agree with Bob and Ross, and understand the butterfly effect (as it were - ha ha). I have various projects and games and books all in progress at any given time. Sometimes I don't get much done on any of them. Sometimes I make good progress on one or two. Other times I feel like doing something else. These are hobbies. They're supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and a relief from stress rather than a source of it.
    Best wishes on your continued recovery and on your various projects!

    1. Thanks for the timely advice Fitzbadger and your good wishes too.

    2. This afternoon I have been working on some 18th century Freikorps - a period/project I really enjoy and forgot to mention!!!!