Friday 27 December 2013

Morning workbench

I got up and started on the new lead.I am also trying out new basing with some bases I have had around for ages.
The Garrison mammoth fits together well but I had an awful fiddle to get the tusks to stick and hold.Perhaps the superglue wasn't the best thing to use? I now have a new layer of artificial super glue skin on many of my fingers.Nevertheless I am pleased so far with him and look forward to seeing the painted result.I am thinking about adding a few primitive rockets/artillery to the army so it can double up for  18th century useage...


  1. Great or ebay? I find drilling and pinning the tusks a must. Are we seeing the birth of a Vendhyan army?

  2. New rather than ebay.I really must get a drill soon.
    Birth yes, but of a wee one at least to begin with...

  3. Howdah ya like your elephant? Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm sure he will be an unstoppable behemoth once you get him put together. Looking forward to final pictures.

  4. I've recently acquired 3 or 4 of these castings from eBay as well as some of the Minifigs offerings.

    I hope to put them together early in the New Year as part of my Old School Greek armies.

    I'll let you know how I got on with the tusks via my blog when the time comes.