Thursday, 12 December 2013

Whimsy etc

Middle and youngest daughters cooked today-
Very tasty! On them are Christmas decorations I have names for - Fr Christmas,Fr Ted and Fr Robin,don't ask, just my nonsense.
A Christmas card of a train which arrived today reminded me of Rowland Emmett as it depicted his style of train.I found this image of his style of  work on the web-
I recall going to see Emmett machines in department stores in Edinburgh in my youth.I loved their scale,fun and animation as a boy.I also in the 80s (?) subscribed to a railway journal AWNUTS - which I think stood for always whimsical never to scale. When I down sized I threw out the magazines.I wish I had kept them and their jolly pictures of Emmett inspired model trains etc. Finally I must mention their is now a society dedicated to this splendid chap.Anyone else in Blogdom recall his machines and appreciate them?


  1. The cookies do look good!

    I hadn't heard of Rowland Emmett (not by name anyway), but I always liked the stuff in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which he apparently was involved in. Basically, he WAS Caractacus Potts. :)
    I love whimsy, and the whole idea of that AWNUTS publication sounds right up my alley. "always whimsical, never to scale" sounds like a great way to game, too.

  2. AWNUTS now have a website/forum for those with a whimsical bent.I think this must be the railway modeller version of Imagi-Nations?

  3. The AWNUTS Again site is Yes Joppy, they are a railway modeller version of Imagi-Nations :)