Saturday, 8 February 2014

Saturday morning early

I got up early after a bad night disturbed by coughs and a cold.I took the chance to quietly watch this film-
I found it a moving and beautifully filmed production, well worth watching.It was not as I anticipated but excellent.Have any of you seen it?

The first six trial ( a mix of horse and foot) Spencer Smith figures are primed and undercoated.I want a wee go prior to commencing on full units. I shall see how I get on with them.


  1. Not seen the film but looks promising, I look forward to seeing the SSM figures soon (congrats on getting them by the way, good old Joppy).

  2. I read the book which was OK.

  3. Saw it and I'm sad to say I was rather underwhelmed....



  4. Thanks for this Alan as I was wondering about getting it to watch as it looks interesting but have never found anyone who has watched it. Is it VBCW in idea?

  5. Never heard of it. D-Day fails, therefore Germany invades? With no ships or air force and all those Yanks in the US? Sounds rather far-fetched.
    Also sounds a bit like the old ITV series Enemy at the Door.