Sunday, 16 February 2014

Ski training

In Tradgardland ,at this time of year, the light infantry train on skis. They engage in inter company competitions consisting of a mix of cross country skiing races and shooting . Each man is equipped with two skis, one ski pole and a rifle. At the end of each day they retire to mountain huts where they cook their food, share pickled herring beer and sing long into the night...


  1. Ah, the Tragardland Winter Olympics! The night is long, so they have to have a lot of good songs to sing, and put off taking another sip of that pickled herring beer a while longer! :-)

    Nice ski troop figures; the Norwegian army project has made me much more aware of them.

  2. Very nice work. As above for the pickled herring beer :-\

  3. Lovely. Are those figures your own conversions?
    It does sound like more fun than I used to have on winter exercises. We didn't have pickled herring beer (not sure if that was a deprivation) and I don't recall much singing at night.
    When I lived in Nova Scotia I got fond of pickled herring - it came in little jars, was perfect on crackers, and was referred to locally as Solomon Gundy. I suspect there are many local names for it.