Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Project has landed... part 2 further in

I have itemized the contents of the package as follows-

1 x infantry regt in red plastic
3 x infantry regt in blue plastic
1 infantry regt in red&light blue
1 grenadier regt in blue,light blue,red and brown plastc
36x spare mounted officers in brown plastic
2 x cavalry regts in brown plastic
48 infantry in shako in blue plastic
20x uhlans in brown plastic
35x drummers in red,blue & light blue plastic
5 x guns and crews and 16 spare artillery in blue plastic
18x FPW infantry in crested helmets in blue plastic
20 spare infantry officers in assorted colours as drummers
8 spare grenadiers and 1 private
4 spare cavalry

(all units a la Charge organisation)

I was interested in Neil's comment re  the colours of plastic and their respective  paintabilty.

I think such a horde deserves some new imaginations to go with it. Today I dreamed up the Kingdom of Lurland - based upon Denmark. The other day I found a few pages of information on the Danish army of the syw somewhere in the house but I cannot find it now at all. I hope it turns up...

As for an opponent I can't quite work it out .Any suggestions ?


  1. Holstland? Rhineland ? Norweeden ?

    -- Jeff

  2. I am impressed with the mere idea of '36 spare mounted officers'...

  3. What a selection - plenty to keep you busy

    Opposition name Floravia ?

    -- Allan

  4. When I think of something Dane like the first 3 models of an opponent that come to mind are Sweden, Prussia with Russia as a distant 3rd. A Russian inspired foe would allow for odd units appearing as cossacks and pandous in funny hats and helmeted infantry in Potemkin style experimental helmets.
    Rusland? Moscavia?

    1. I have been playing with the idea of a Russian inspired Duchy of Nikolai on and off ( in my head and on paper) since going to an exhibition on Catherine the Great in Russia.Strong arguments re funny/interesting headgear and cossacks.

    2. I think Ross' instincts are very sound here. Possibly you could add a Sweden like country as a swing player, backing either your Danish-ish or Russ-ish kingdom depending on how whim and graft play out.

  5. I suspect the "FPW" are actually Napoleonics.
    SSM, in addition to the C19th AWI range did an ACW one as well as a limited Napoleonic. The cavalry were 50:50 Lifeguards & Lancers. There were British inf, Highlanders, a mixed bag of Russian/Prussian & Bavarians & one of French with some in greatcoats (going from memory here). This was the standard range, which also had some "modern inf".
    The Connoisseur range had AWI & Napoleonic British IIRC.

    The only thing a I can really deduce from the plastic colours is the grey are the latest in age, then the brown (Ronald SS seems to have switched to brown before selling the range) with the other colours earlier than this. The risk with the age is them becoming brittle. I thought this was a myth until I acquired some really old plastic SSMs & saw the original Grant ones.
    Whether the earlier multi-coloured plastic was inferior & more prone to this I do not know.

    1. Thanks again for your comments and information.