Sunday, 15 July 2018

Upon my return 

I am just back from a family wedding. The postman had left these for me-

They are a very mixed bag and not in great condition. As ever can you help identify these figures. There are some fellows amongst them l have never seen before . Thanks for your help.


  1. Great collection..... they look like metal detector finds, finding their way back to the games room.

  2. A fine selection of antique figures .

  3. What a wonderfully battered group.
    A few Johillco figures in first three top row and the line infantry at end of top row and the peaked cap buglers middle top row and the one right bottom row.
    Possibly some B series smaller Britain's in fourth place and end top row Highlander? Middle top row Britain's firing peaked cap sixth along top row. Some home cast or German flats.