Monday, 2 July 2018

We’re going on a boar hunt,we’re not scared. Late Scandinavian Bronze Age Tradgardland 

I got these rules recently and they are well laid out and interesting. I am going to try them out with a small boar hunting expedition.

Incidentally I was thinking about magazines l used to read and recalled A W N U T S made up of splendidly whimsical model railway. Sadly when l downsized 21 years ago the magazines couldn’t be kept. I’d love to read them again . The odd copy appears on eBay but with £15 postage charges. Just too much for me. Any thoughts on where to get copies?


  1. Sounds fun. I have some similar rules in the Pub Games supplement / 1998 booklet from Miniature Wargames / Pireme Publishing there was a Greek boar hunting set of rules by Jim Webster. If you can't find a second hand copy of Pub Games online, I can lend you my copy rather than photocopy or scan them in view of Bob Cordery's scanned PDF problems. Jim Webster still writes for Miniature Wargames and I have a feeling he had a free Wargames rules site somewhere (but this maybe another games writer.
    Howard Whitehouse had some fun daft caveman rules (again I think published in Miniature Wargames)

  2. Looks like fun - I like the presentation!

    1. The illustrations inside include footprints across the page and are quite charming.

  3. I agree. The game looks fun and whimsical, at least judging the book by its cover. ha ha
    I look forward to seeing how you get on with it.

    I don't have any clue on the model railroad magazine, but when I googled "whimsical model railway" lots of fun pictures showed up.

  4. The printed copies of 'Always Whimsical, Not Usually To Scale'AwNuts are gold to those who own them. There may be one or two pdf's of early editions on the web. The Yahoo group has died, the forum has too. Only search engines can show eye candy now.

    The Gn15 forum, the GnATTERbox provides some whimsy at times, but it too is suffering readership.

    A search for Chris Walas model trains provides some nice Garden sized railroad fun.


  5. I am sorry to hear all that you say. Although I lived in the uk and had no garden railway l really enjoyed the magazine popping through my was full of fun and inspiration. I wonder why it all finished ?

  6. I believe some of the cause was due to the passing of various individuals, one notable member "Bruce Bates" designer of several of the locomotives and cars. I think the editor of the magazine died too... but, please don't quote me on that. No one wanted to take up the reins of running the forum either is my guess.

  7. Pinterest has a few images or models of observation cars, aquarium cars etc inspired by or from AW NUTS. There is also the fabulous Smallbrook Studios website with pure Emmett inspiration.