Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Don’t stop the cavalry or On the Border 1880s

 Relations are not currently good between Maple Leaf Country ( Albion’s favourite daughter) and the Star Spangled Republic. Cross border incursions and skirmishes have been rife of late leading to tensions in both these neighbours. Army Star Spangled has mobilised the National Guard and regular troops also. Albion has sent some cavalry to the border to defend Maple Leaf Country and deter further invasions. Advance guards of both armies are about to run into each other in the forest that the border runs through .

The 2nd regiment of Alabama state troops and accompanying cavalry are about to encounter opposition...

Simple toy soldier conversions using head swops, replacement metal arms and paint jobs. Working on more National Guard figures currently, hopefully they will feature in the next game. This is the first time I used the new cloth with larger squares.


  1. A proud and brave looking lot on bothsides!

    I love the Polar Bearskin Caps!

  2. Lovely looking Armies Tradgardmastare.

  3. Looking good, Allan, I'm presently working on recreating the 7th NY National Guard, they also wear grey.

  4. Love it! The Second Alabama State Guard is a real uniform? I can't make out the cuff and collar colour but I'm tempted to make some. I don't often think of dismounting heavy cavalry but they look good with carbines.

  5. One of my imaginations is a late 19th century Confederacy so I figure the Alabama regiment will be in that army!