Saturday, 24 October 2020

Railroading book joblot

 A recent joblot of railroad books arrived today in the pouring rain. Luckily I was around to take them in and relieve the courier of her burden. I have unpacked them and will look at them at my leisure over the next few days.

Those of you who know more about this sort of thing than I are welcome to comment on the books. I am interested to hear your thoughts...



  1. The Interurban rail system was the equivalent of today's light railway system. We lived in a town called Fostoria which was a rail hub, and it still has the relics of the interurban network that crossed there. Some of the streets built in late Victorian times were aligned with the old tracks.

  2. A good haul there including my favourite, Mixed Train Daily and I spot another by Beebe and Clegg, The Trains We Rode which I have not read. Enjoy!

  3. I will let you know what I make of it...