Thursday, 29 October 2020

Over the Forth

 I took a train into Edinburgh on Tuesday ( empty train almost) for a little Christmas shopping and wee wander about. I had not been in Edinburgh since early March. I had a useful shop and walk through the Gardens. I love Edinburgh as a city, it is where I was born and lived until my mid twenties. A few pictures 


  1. Is that Wojtek the Bear the Polish Army WW2 that lived at Edinburgh Zoo? I have a vague momeory of sending a £10 to the statue appeal many years back.

    1. It is indeed Mark and pretty splendid it looks too. Your £10 has gone to help a great memorial.

  2. Replies
    1. Totally agree there.

      The Wojtek story is fabulous.

  3. Indeed; Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities. I've managed to visit it 4 times.

  4. My Dad lives in Dalgety Bay so I can definitely agree with you re. the delights of Edinburgh.. lovely city... good pubs, fine architecture, and nice open vistas...