Monday, 26 October 2020

The Doors


I spotted these on my walk this morning and was pleased to see that they were still there unscathed.
During Lockdown we noticed that people had begun to place wee fairy doors on trees in various places where we took our daily walk. I think they were placed to raise spirts probably at the time but have remained. We passed them on the edge of what is now a tarmac covered former railway line . It is a pleasant countryside walk int the centre of town. 


  1. Forgot to say that the final picture is my painting corner after tidying up, perhaps some more work is needed!

    1. You haven't got enough unpainted or part-painted figures.
      You haven't get enough paints.
      You haven't got enough books lying about.
      You haven't got enough pairs of glasses.

  2. Wot Jim said ;) - it's eerily reminiscent of my workspace after it has been tidied up. Am I the only one that has everything from 54mm Assyrians to 4 separate 28mm periods, terrain pieces and a scratch built French Aeronef carrier on my workbench at once?

  3. I have noticed various 'fairy ornements' locally as well , an artists studio is never tidy !

  4. The fairy houses are a great source of amusement and magic on walks with my son and dog. Wish there were more or perhaps I just have to find them.

    Cheers, Ross

    PS Wot Jim said :)

  5. I've never noticed anything like that down here. Is this a modern phenomenon or have people been hanging similar things in trees for a long time?

  6. In some of the Cornish holy Wells that I know (pagan?) women still leave strips of fabric called clowties or clouties as prayer (or spell?) markers on the trees around the Well.
    This sounds as if Christianity will arrive next year, electricity in another few centuries and whoever heard of piped or even bottled water?
    I misread your first blog line where you said the fairy doors were there 'to raise spirits' during lockdown. I must get out of the sixteenth century more ...
    P.S. lovely tidy desk and khaki parade on top.