Wednesday 19 May 2021

Pictures with comments


The figures below are 40mm semi flats which will need quite a bit of repair work before they can take to the table especially the lying firing pose. Eventually they will fight alongside the ones I worked on the other week. Also included were these 28mm round figures which I think were homecasts though more recent. I can’t  identify them, any thoughts?
The figures in the above photo I will add to my interwar set up. They include Schneider figures I have not seen in the metal before. Currently not sure what to do with them but I think that says more of me than them.


  1. The cavalry figures without horses and the surrounding infantry looks like Zinn Brigade figures to me, even though Zinn Brigade figures are 40mm.

  2. Some look like Schildkröt, but not sure ...

  3. Those slightly smaller full round certainly look identical to the scores of Zinnbrigade I have cast and painted.

    To me, the few Schneider etc that I have seen are more 45mm to 50mm so the Zinbnrigade look a bit like Airfix next to Mnifigs when compared to them.

    1. (I'm talking about the 1900 Prussian inf and cav at the top)