Saturday, 3 July 2021

Job lot needing TLC 2

 Photos of the rest of the joblot from the other day’s post-

I am very partial to these Britains cowboys on foot, very useful figures. I had not seen these mounted cowboys before and am delighted with them. Lovely animated figures and full of gaming potential as an Irregular mounted unit.
The mounted Guards like figure will provide a commander for my Guardsmen. I was intrigued by these lumps of metal in the joblot, l can only imagine they were spare metal for casting, unless you know otherwise. Never owned the Britains Africans or Arabs before so looking forward to seeing what they look like restored. All in all lots of fun ahead...


  1. An excellent and varied haul that will keep you very busy ...

    1. I feel I got good value for money. It should keep me busy.

  2. A lot of work there to get them back onto the table - but well worth it .

  3. A lovely assortment Alan! You will have some wonderful new recruits once you've accomplished your magic! A very satisfying feeling indeed!

  4. Looks like this mob was well played with and gave great joy. May they be so again!

  5. As a project this lot is starting to look good.

  6. It will be great to see those veterans get back into action.