Saturday 3 July 2021

Reading arrivals

 These arrived today in the Duchy and I look forward to reading them over the weekend.


  1. Ah, Nutwood. The weirdness. The weirdness. I'm sure that Dorset toy soldier castings used to do Rupert and friends ...

    1. They do, l succumbed to buying some last year. They are lovely figures waiting patiently for painting and gaming...
      Perhaps I should have called this post Nutwood Village Limits:)

    2. :)
      The past / late curator of Falmouth Art Gallery had links to John Harrold and they have a tiny number of originals in their stacks.

      They had a tempting sale of some of his black and white drawings / strips of his artwork once. I didn't have that sort of money then ...

      Rupert and Friends might be your rural interwar 'Mulder and Scully' investigating strange Kibbo Kift phenomena and interbellum rural threats. I'm sure he could ally with the Boy Scouts.

  2. Excellent anecdote and good ideas re Rupert etc. Some fun in the coming months...