Wednesday 29 December 2021

Raising the Lord Admiral’s Regt of the reign of Charles ll in 1968

 Been pondering this today. As far as I am aware the only option available to the Brigadier in 1968 in 25mm figures would have been- 

The range of musketeers and pikemen made by Warrior Minatures of Glasgow or 

The Willie Tangier figures by Edward Suren.

Unless you know otherwise…

P. S what about the Janissary figure options too?


  1. Undoubtedly Willie/Suren.
    There are Janissaries in the late 17th century range.

  2. Yes Willie. The Warrior figures were almost 20mm - very slim and small 25mm.

    1. I recall coveting some Warrior Miniatures Charles ll figures in the window of model shop in the centre of Glasgow aeons ago.Recently l contacted Warrior to see if they were still available but they were not. I recall something about the moulds not being serviceable.

  3. Not sure when Warrior started - certainly only saw their Ancients from the early 70s. In 20mm there was a Rose 'British Civil War' range - never seen them and by all accounts they were rubbish. Also, Les Higgins had a couple of ranges of English Civil War figures, again don't know if they were as early as 1968.

    1. I cut the heads off Minifigs GNW and stuck on Lamming heads ( Thessalian hat ones I think) to make my own version of the 1660 period figures.

  4. The Les Higgins figures were very nice- I had a random sample of ten or ting was very clean and fifteen in my early teens. The sculpting was very clean and crisp, much like people like Mark Copplestone or Bob Murch do today.

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